Powder coating

Airless coating

Kalush, Ivano-Frankivsk region

Anticorrosion treatment and painting of metal structures

  • Sandblasting of metal structures, pipelines, tanks, concrete, brick and stone surfaces, trailers, bodies, car frames, steel and alloy wheels, bumpers and other details.
  • Powder coating of different types of surfaces.
  • Painting with liquid soils and enamels by the airless coating device.
  • We offer special favorable conditions for large volumes of work.

Sandblasting of metal structures

Sandblasting is a highly effective method of cleaning the surface of products from old paint, corrosion, dirt, scale, traces of bitumen and other contaminants with abrasive particles such as sand. This technology returns the novelty of the details  and significantly increases their service life. Customers do not need to buy new parts, containers, tanks, building materials. It is enough to clean the old surface from rust, soot, mold and it becomes like new again.

Industrial sandblasting

Industrial sandblasting equipment allows you to clean large areas of shops, warehouses and other buildings from whitewash, plaster and putty in a short time. It is also used for cleaning such surfaces as marble, granite, paving slabs, curbs, cobblestones, bridges, embankments, sewage treatment plants. We have the appropriate equipment and our own staff. We know all the nuances and secrets of different types of surfaces sandblasting.

Preparation for painting trucks and special equipment

Sandblasting and preparation before painting allows to increase the reliability and durability of painting on metal elements of the vehicle body. Our masters provide professional sandblasting, surface cleaning and preparation before painting for long-term protection of metal from corrosion of trucks, trailers and special equipment.

Powder coating

The company offers a service for painting various metal parts and products using powder coating technology. We paint vehicle parts, special equipment, wheels, equipment parts, metal furniture, as well as other products made of aluminum, steel and other metals. We have high quality equipment for powder coating, including painting chambers and polymerization ovens.

Airless coating

This method of painting makes it possible to paint a large area in a short time. The main advantage of the technique is the use small amounts of solvents and the ability to create a thick layer of coating. There is no air in the flow of paint and no extraneous particles, so the paint is very uniform and high quality. Airless coating reduces the labour intensity involved and consumption of paint materials, which is very important in processing large parts and objects.

Powder coating of disks

Disk painting is a popular service related to the maintenance of any car. The durability of disks, their appearance and service life depends on the quality of painting. Powder coating gives one of the best results in car disk painting and it is an excellent alternative to liquid paint materials. In addition, the price of powder coating by our specialists is quite affordable.

The Anticorbud team consists of highly qualified specialists, each of whom has extensive experience. We offer special favorable conditions for large volumes of work! Find out more about the advantages with us at 050 782-57-76 and 067 383-74-24.

Our works

Anticorbud Company

Our company has been operating at the market of western Ukraine since 2018. Production and painting shops are located in Kalush, Ivano-Frankivsk region. Our individual approach and affordable prices helped to build a customer base from all western regions. We are trusted as professionals in the field of sandblasting and powder coating.

Thanks to professional equipment, Anticorbud is ready to do any task: from restoration of car disks to anticorrosion protection of tanks, reservoirs, pipelines for large enterprises and institutions. The works are carried out on its own territory and with the possibility of site visits.

There is an opportunity to do  loading and unloading operations with the help of the crane lifting capacity 2000 kg on the territory of the enterprise.

Favorable conditions for large volumes of work

We are constantly working to increase and modernize production capacities, which allows us to be a leader in our industry in the Carpathian region. We work with any complexity of contaminants! Investigation of an object by a specialist is free of charge.

There is an individual system of discounts and we will always find an opportunity to provide the best conditions for our clients! Step-by-step payment and cashless payment!

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